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Our translator Henrik Thøgersen just won a very prestigious Bodil Award, which is given by the Danish Guild of Film Critics, for his excellent work within the field of subtitling.  Naturally we are very proud of him and grateful for this award which not only puts Henrik’s persistence in the pursuit of quality and faithful, vibrant translations in the spotlight, but also highlights the whole field of film translation and our company’s focus on creating subtitles that are high-quality and in the true spirit of the films we translate.

In their motivation the Guild of Film Critics praise Henrik for his outstanding quality of work that hits the spot linguistically every time, and for always infusing his subtitles with personality without being disloyal to the original material, and we couldn’t agree more!

You can watch Henrik’s acceptance speech in Danish.



Scandinavian Text Service was established in 1995, working, in the beginning, with animation movie translation. Having established a solid brand name the company ventured into all types of audiovisual translation focusing on theatrical, home entertainment and TV.

At Scandinavian Text Service we believe in collaboration, which is why our network is so important to us. We focus on making sure our translators are the right fit for the job. Our network includes excellent locally based translators, and we specialize in supplying quality subtitles on the Scandinavian market.


At Scandinavian Text Service, we aim to be our customers’ indispensable subtitling partner. We pride ourselves in being the best in the field, leaving our customers more time to focus on their core activities. We believe in supplying our customers with excellent, hand-crafted translations that faithfully convey the meaning and tone of the original material.


To provide high-quality audiovisual translations in keeping with local language practices while providing a good working environment for our translators.